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National Project

America’s Lasting Legacy: Honoring the Sacrifices of America’s Veterans

This year our national project will focus on how the family is “America’s Lasting Legacy”. For as long as history has shown there have been men and women that will rise up and answer the call to serve and protect the rights and freedoms of others. This year we look to honor these men and women not only through the monetary donations we raise but also through the service we do for our communities. Pennsylvania the national society has issued the challenge:

1. Raise money through the purchase of national product so we can make a donation to A Warriors Wish.
2. Get out into our communities and serve either veterans in our local areas or better our communities through our service hours.

So, Pennsylvania members I ask you how are you going to support America’s Lasting Legacy this year and serve your communities. Make sure you send in your articles to the Kapers to let me know how your societies are serving. I know Pennsylvania members are ready to rise to this challenge and show everyone we support America’s Lasting Legacy!

Aiden M Klee
Pennsylvania State Society 2nd VP